Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10 Items or Less

Have you ever gone to a party and realized that after an hour, you've been monopolizing the topic? Maybe it's something you're passionate about, or maybe you're just feeling chatty because it's good to talk to adults for a change - but that awkward feeling when your focus shifts a little and your inner shy girl backhands you, saying - "CAN it, girlie! Take a breath and let someone else share for a little while! They all have to be sick of your monologue by now!"

That's pretty much what I'm feeling today. :) So far, it's been 18/30 days straight of talking to no one and everyone, out there in the world, and I'm feeling a little sheepish today, like I've been talking and yammering for days and I need to take a break and let someone else have a go for a little while. BUT, since I can't do that - I've made the commitment, lol! - I'll have to move on, and ignore my inner introvert, screaming at me to stop, righteously telling me that what I have to say is just not that important - ignore her good advice (ha) and keep on yammering... for 11 more days. :)

Thank you for sticking with me on this. After 11 more posts, I promise you will not hear me this much - every few days or 2 times a week is what I will be aiming for, and this exercise will have me primed and disciplined to make that seem easy. For a girl who likes to talk... and then feels like I might have overshared - like a fat kid indulging in a secret piece of cake - this is hard. :)

I was going to write more and have that be a preface... but, I think I will make the harder choice to just stop there... and walk away for today. One of the lessons I am learning in this challenge is to accept that I like to write mini novels every time I sit down, but move forward, trying to distill all those words into a clear and concise message. So, basically - be confident that what I have to say is meaningful and important to somebody, but try to say it in 10 items or less. :)

My inner introvert is a tiny kind of proud.

{image via: Sarah and Sons}

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Laura said...

What! I love reading your blog.... Dont stop lol !

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