Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beautiful Michelle

A while ago, my mother told me she was having a conversation at work with her friend, who was pregnant, about maternity photos. She had asked Michelle if she had gotten any done because she looked so cute...... and Michelle had no idea what she was referring to! Again, one of the reasons I love my mother, she told her all about how a session works and that her daughter just happened to do them! :) I am always up for showing someone what a session can be, so I welcomed the challenge to wow her. :) Not that she needed to be wowed, but I wanted her to have a fantastic first impression of what a photographer can see!

After our initial contact, and her telling me that she was a blank slate, I encouraged her to do a Google Image search for maternity pictures, to get an idea of what was out there and what could be done - and also to get a feel for what her style might be. After searching, she had something specific in mind, wanting to surprise her husband with a triptych (3 vertical images side by side in a frame) for Christmas. Commence the awwws.... :)

Well, I got all into it when I got there. I knew she only imagined these three pictures, but I went all vicarious on her. I am a total sucker for a pregnant woman. :) Such an amazing time, and it moves me beyond words. My experience was awesome, so I have good feelings from that, but I also just love how beautiful women look pregnant - I have to stop myself from staring that them in public - I am always in awe. And I kept thinking about the mementos she could have of herself, knowing that the time is so short to feel your baby inside you, and after it's over... I know I sometimes long for that feeling again, and since it's such a transient time in your life, I wanted to do it right!

Have you ever seen The Family Stone? Diane Keaton, in that picture Sarah Jessica Parker gives the whole family, the one where she is pregnant in a chair, looking wistfully out a window? Yeah. I saw that movie right after I had the triplets and in the midst of the hormonal postpartum sea I was in, I bawled, wishing I would have had just 1 picture of me like that with them in my belly. Ugh, it was most likely not pretty. But the good and interesting thing about that picture, in that movie was that it was the first stirring of the photography idea in me - the "well, if I can't have it - maybe I can give it to someone else!" My aim was to give it to someone someday, not necessarily start a business, but make it my personal goal to give someone that gift. So, just a little idea of how that all got started and how crazed I might have been at this shoot. lol Besides Stephanie, this was my first maternity session since going pro... it was a good day for me!

So, I apologize, Michelle, for making you pose so much that day, but I certainly enjoyed capturing you in all your maternal glory - you were gorgeous, and I hope these pictures help you to remember just how much. Thank you for humoring me. :)


And a collage I made up for her at the last minute... :)

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Anonymous said...

I love these pictures such a great memory for her to share with Jackson years from now
You are so good at this job of your's

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