Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Erin & Mike...Engaged! (Part 2)

Ok, so here's the image-heavy post about one of my favorite sessions, hands down. :) These are the beach ones, the part of the session that I absolutely adored! And for anyone that thinks going to a beach would be flat and boring... no way, josé ! There are always a few basic things to photograph wherever you go, and just being on the beach is awesome. But I have to confess here that I have yet another obsession when I shoot and that is creating layers in my pictures (another lesson learned from Carla Ten Eyck!).

I look for anything to shoot on or with, of course - like the playground, on the lifeguard chair, in front of the grass... and we do that, but I also look for these things as objects to shoot through. If you get behind these things and put people in front of them - bam! - you create a whole new way of looking at the scene by pulling another layer into your pictures, way more interesting when you are creating a whole collection... with the things that you can shoot through... fences, grass, stairs - you can take that beach and multiply your options tenfold! :)

Of course, emotion was the star with these two... may times all I had to do was walk around them and snap away, watching one of the cutest couples just enjoy each other.

Enjoy Part 2 of the incredibly gorgeous and in-love Erin and Mike. 


my stay-at-home-momma drama said...

Wowza, girl! You are getting seriously good. Anyone can take a picture but it takes a photographer to capture a moment. You absolutely did that in these pictures. As I was looking at these, I kept saying, "That one is my favorite. No, that one is my favorite. No, that one is my favorite!!" Wow. Wow. Wow. You rock!

mima said...


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