Wednesday, September 24, 2008

From the Beginning...

Hi everyone! I am starting from the beginning because it's the very best place to begin.

This will hopefully become my new pet photography site - a tribute to our beautiful Ruger, our baby boy whom we lost so recently. I wanted so desperately to help his amazing spirit live on somehow, know that he had an impact on me and others around us. I started to simplify my life immediately. And in an instant, this idea presented itself to me; almost literally a light bulb, a resonant "click" in my brain. I woke up one morning and realized that taking pictures, capturing spirits, spending time with dogs like him is where I want to be. As if Ruger was trying to tell me this was the way! At this moment, there are few greater pleasures than the company of a loving, playful dog.

I have seen so many beautiful things in them that I would love to try and catch on film for their "parents"...and for me. I hope to learn more and more every day, gain experience about different kinds of dogs, discover new tricks and in the process, meet great dogs and their humans - a great way to spend my "free" time. Maybe someday I will venture into cats...if I meet the right one, that is! Hopefully, that is the goal...all pets and their parents someday. Right now, I start simple...just puppies.

I have a deep love and respect for dogs, especially after losing one of our own. They have so much to teach us about living a more simple, calm and loving life. I have listened and now I intend to practice and preach - especially this one way, through pictures; ones that tell stories and teach "lessons"! I hope you will join me in relaying Ruger's "song" wherever you go, in the way you live and...maybe letting me borrow your dog for an hour! I may be calling soon... ;)

Ruger, if you're listening....this one's for you, babe. xxxooo

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