Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Miss Riley

Over the weekend, we got together again with our amazing friend, Sara, who just happens to have been the nurse who helped deliver our babies.  She also happens to be owned by an incredible Great Dane, Riley.  I asked if I could do a little photo shoot of her the next time we got together, for my portfolio, and she graciously agreed, even though it took a big chunk of our visit together - sorry Sara!  

This was my first official "not-my-own-animals-shoot" - and I learned a lot!  First, check your equipment.  I ended up there without the lens I normally use and no flash.  I had the short lens and the mega-zoom...and no flash.  Borrowing the camera from my mother (I need to get my own!), I grabbed the camera on the way.  I never checked to make sure what I normally use was in there, so I learned a lot.  Having the two extremes to work with, I only got a few decent pics. 

Here's a teaser of the lovely Miss R.  Once I send the others over to Sara (it's only fair!), I will share the rest!  We will be getting together again soon to re-shoot with the proper equipment. Silly me. 

She's so gorgeous - and HUGE!  I just love her.     



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