Friday, May 1, 2009


Ok, new project!

I entitled this new series of posts "Makeover", because "Redux" is just too corny.  ;)  Anyway, I was approached by Paige through my little sis to take a look at her wedding pictures and try to "spruce them up" - kind of make a few more romantic or special, make something cool out of them.  Some people (like myself) just expected way more out of their wedding pictures and were sadly disappointed to not get a chance to rephotograph that one special day in their lives. Good pictures are okay...but exceptional pictures...ahhhh - don't we all wish we had that?

So, this is where I come in!

I needed (still need) practice in photoshop and trying to makeover some wedding pictures is the perfect way for me to get that much needed training time in.  I adore wedding pictures - if I were braver, I just might attempt to shoot a wedding someday, but the pressure is simply ridiculous.  I give wedding photogs a TON of credit, since it really is a one-shot deal.  It's hard to be artistic when the pressure to capture every iconic moment is weighing you down and keeping you frantic all day!  I would absolutely melt.  ;)  

So, this project is perfect for me, since I love all things wedding and I get a chance to put my spin and mark on pictures that were already pressure!  Yay!  Looking at and tweaking something beautiful all day long is my kind of day.  ;)

I am going through and cleaning up all of her photos (cropping, darkening, etc...), but I would like to share some of the more creative photo shop changes I made to take some disappointing pictures and try to make them into something cool. I will be posting (or trying to anyway) one or two transformations every day, so keep tuning in!

Paige, I hope you like them - I want so very much to give you this gift of better pictures - thanks for giving me the chance to delve into them - I feel like I know you and Casey so much already by getting this glimpse into your most special of days.  

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