Saturday, November 7, 2009

Holy Crow!

I had no idea that it has almost been a MONTH since my last post....

I have been so incredibly busy working shoots, post-processing them and being a full time mommy that I hardly noticed the passage of so much time...

Thanks to all for being so patient! "Clients", readers, whoever you are and why you are here, you deserve a teaser! So, I will try to do just that tonight after the day's end... Teasers from all my latest projects and some insight to what I am loving about what I am learning - about photography, about myself, lots of learning.... :) Stay tuned!

Here are three, just for making the journey - and check back tonight for more! Happy Day!

Little E, a beautiful tiny little dancer.... so sweet. :)




1 comment:

Katie Slater Photography said...

these are so beautiful! :) great job capturing her little soul!

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