Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jordan, Senior Portraits in The Yard

Well, finally..... here are my favorites from my cousin Jordan's Senior Portraits that were shot here in my yard. Again, she was super cool to work with, always smiling! Plus, I had the added bonus of Aunt Jeanne as an assistant for both me and her... holding reflectors, suggesting poses, making her laugh! It was a blast with you both, and thanks again for the cool opportunity to practice in this genre. :) You made my first foray pretty dang easy.

As a technical note, after I uploaded this (which took forever!) I realized that I probably need to sharpen my images before making a slide show...something must happen in the conversion that fuzzes them up a I will apply that little gem to the next shoot spotlight....which is..... Mike, Laura and their super cute babe, Hunter! Mike happens to be Jordan's sister and so also my cousin - though he happens to have grown up so close with my sister and I, which made him feel like our baby brother.... :)

For now, enjoy the beautiful Jordan!

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