Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mary Jayne - Head Shots Preview

My lovely sis-in-law lives in NYC, an aspiring actress with so many loves... theater, vintage, visual arts, music, animals... Martin - just to start the list. :) She stands as an inspiration to all of us who would want to make the most of our lives, living with no regrets. Her life is passion, defined. She is a sweetheart and no-doubt beautiful, with a down-to-earth, mothering, loving and warm persona. But she can be oh so feisty, fiery and downright determined when she knows what she wants! Just like her mom, I love watching them when they are in that "state", it's an awesome thing for my passive self to witness that boldness. :)

Most of all, she is not afraid. She is an old-soul that seems to know just where she is going to end up in this life and is navigating with the ease of a competent traveler, soaking up all the beauty and meaning in the ride. I consider myself lucky to have landed in the family where she belongs; she is a wonderful listener and confidante - lucky, since she has been called upon to use those skills with me many a time. :)

She was "home" recently for a short trip, and we took advantage of the blazing heat and sun to grab a few impromptu head shots for her return to the City. We had a blast searching downtown Lancaster for textured nooks and crannies and the little village did not disappoint! Here's a few of my favorites from the first part of her preview.

I love the flag in the background, so American, so New Yorker... it just fit! :)


mj said...

Thank you so much for taking these, Cheryle! You are so talented and wonderful...I am extremely happy with the result!! You are the best!

Love you!

Aunt Roey said...

great pix of a beautiful subject!!!What you made me see, in your photos, is how MJ is looking SO MUCH like her mom--I never saw that in "real life"

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