Friday, September 24, 2010

A Picture of My Cat

That's it, readers - you tuned in to see a picture of my cat. :) So, ok - not one, but FIVE pictures of my cat. Just wanted to keep up the posts, even if it is a random shot here and there and even if they are about as boring as the movie Watchmen.

Jinx, almost blue-eyed with the reflection of that cushion she is about to nap on - which coincidentally is the very same space I park it to feel the photoshop editing love. A very comfy cushion indeed. And this chair - well let's just say the chair has been in my family for a long time - it is very heavy and I have been tempted to find a new home for it a few times since we've been married - because I have been known to make the Monk (aka, my Mike) lug that thing around from the barn to the basement to the upstairs guest room and back again. That sucker is heavy! But I love it so much, its looks and accompanying memories - that I have kept it around.  And now, it is only fitting that it's new home is with me, In fact, my setup is the same chair and desk combo I used in high school to place and avoid finish my homework! That was almost 20 years ago...whoa. And now I am using it to really finish my lovely hobby-that-will-hopefully-be-a-career-someday picture editing. My, how I have grown up! Well, kind of. :) Funny how you don't avoid work you actually want to do - in fact, it's not like work at all when you do what you love and love what you do. And I love this new "do" of mine!

The point is, I don't feel like I am settling for a crappy folding table or even a "just the kitchen table" set-up here - with these two pieces under my tush and my laptop, I feel... home... and where I belong. And apparently, Jinx does too. Sometimes she shares the seat with me into the wee hours of the morning - sweet little thing. :)

So, here are those pictures - of that cat, that chair and that desk (way in the background).

I would be lying if I said this one didn't freak me out a little. :)

But this one I adore - that cute little nose. :)

I am hoping I get the chance to use this chair in one of my upcoming sessions! The beautiful lines and the color and the scratches would work it, I think. :)

I am also hoping to share many of the shoots I have done over the last year very soon, so stay tuned! Plus, teasers of the few sessions I have planned as the leaves turn... (sounds like a soap

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