Sunday, January 8, 2012

Andrew ...Class of 2012...

In January of last year, I got an email from Karina, a girl from my past - we went to high school together, and I haven't seen her since. Facebook had reconnected us, and she had come across my photos there. She had some very sweet words for my work... and she asked if I would be open to working with her in getting some Senior pictures done of her son, Andrew, sometime over the summer and I, of course - said yes! I really enjoy doing Senior pictures - it's a great time to really focus on getting a collection of images that showcase their personality at such a pivotal time in their lives - I think I said it to her when we first talked about it - something about the moodiness contrasting with the contained excitement at that age (and life stage) make for some really great pictures (especially after they get more comfortable!) - capturing the bridge between childhood and adulthood. So, I was super excited to 1. Meet and try to capture her son's personality and 2. Get to see her again after all these years!

A really cool thing I found out right before the session was that she was pregnant with her second child - and what a neat spectrum of ages in kids she would soon have! Hint: More on her second child soon... :) She looked radiant and Andrew was a joy to photograph - he's got the GQ model look, is so interesting with his myriad of hobbies, acts super cute with his mom and girlfriend and seemed like such a good kid with a sense of adventure and a great sense of humor - he was willing to do whatever I asked and I love that in clients! Combined, it all made for a super fun afternoon. He really made my job easy!

I headed over to Rochester and we landed in Highland Park at the Warner Castle - which turned out to be a pretty awesome location, especially for a Senior Guy! Lots of stone textures, wrought iron, concrete and greenery to balance it all out. Pretty much a dream for me! I processed these with a range of textures to enhance the masculine backdrops and add a little grunge. :) I love working with textures, so this was a fun post-processing procedure for me, even though it took longer than your average session.

^This one makes me laugh... about 15 minutes before this pic, he was talking about how he just really didn't like cats... and then this stray cat came out of nowhere. We laughed about it and it actually came right up to us, jumped up on the bench and just hung out for a few pictures - crazy, right? I had a hard time keeping the camera still because I was laughing so hard. :)

{Challenge Notes - weekends are tough! Hopefully the weekdays will help to get me back on track and posting earlier... thank you for sticking with me!}

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