Monday, January 9, 2012

What Makes Me Tick

Ok, let's do something more fun today! I think it's always neat to see what makes people tick - their likes, dislikes, dreams and fears - these basic components all work together to form their personality and those traits are (consciously or unconsciously) reflected in their work.

And it works with people who aren't in artistic careers too. Some people have technical jobs or service jobs and I think their personality determines how they approach their work day. My husband has a technical job (a programmer) and yes, his personality is most definitely suited to it, but the facets of his personality that make him really good at his job are not the technical ones - they're the intuitive parts. His motivations are often to make sure the person who uses what he makes is not only satisfied and efficient, but also that the end flow is the best that it can be. He tries to think of that end user and writes his code with them in mind. Of course, integrity is also a key part of doing a great job - if you don't care about the end user - whether you're a programmer or a nurse or a photographer - then no one will be satisfied with the result of a day's work!

Without getting too deep, I know that life experiences and stages play a part in your enthusiasm for your work as well, and that can change daily - but I think the main building blocks - the things that motivate you, scare the pants off you, move you or repel you - are the ones that we can always come back to as the reasons we eventually do what we do - work, play, rest - and how well we do them.

As another of my favorite photographers and inspirations, Jesh De Rox says, "The way you see the world is a self-portrait." Us photographers give back a visual of the way we see the world, which is different than most, but the way you do your work is your self-portrait too! I dunno, makes sense to me this morning. :)

Ok, so here's a random list of the little things that make me who I am, and hopefully you see a lot of this reflected in my pictures here and there:

I like to please people. I like to take care of them! Above all, I love to see them happy. And if I can be the reason or vehicle, I will do anything. After watching the American President (with Michael Douglas, love that movie!), I remember thinking I would be an awesome personal assistant to the President. No, no - don't want to be the President, I'd rather get your dry cleaning. :) (Unfortunately, this has also bred a need for approval in life, but hey)

We have triplets, in case you haven't read that yet. Two boys and a girl. Right now they are almost 5. It was a spontaneous, my-grandmother-was-a-triplet kind of shocker. Runs in the family and we were the lucky ones to receive that lightning bolt after 8 years of bolstering marriage, thankfully... If you want to read the story I wrote about finding out, it's here. :)

My other main passion is writing. I thought about pursuing a career in it for a while and then photography commandeered my life. (Hence the pen name on my writing blog above, Trinity Cole)

I love the author Dean Koontz. Which is weird, since I don't like the horror genre at. all. Something he does makes me believe in the human race... through a horror story. I wish I could sit him down and ask questions and listen to his stories for a night. What an awesome night of conversation!

My nickname is Bear. It's what my husband calls me - short for Cher-Bear, which is what my family calls me. A derivation of Cheer Bear, my favorite Care-Bear since birth. Or shortly after.

My name, Cheryle - has that extra "e" at the end, I was named after my mother's sister who was still-born.

I am a sci-fi geek through and through. Star Trek, Star Wars, Dune, Stargate (SG-1, Atlantis and Universe), Lost, Warehouse 13. Eureka, Battlestar Galactica (Frak!), Sanctuary, Heroes... I really could go on and on, but suffice to say - if it's on SyFy channel or has the word "Star" in it, I will probably watch it and love it.

I love animals. I considered careers as a dolphin trainer, a dog shelter owner, a zookeeper, a kennel in my house, a wildlife sanctuary owner. That should convey my level of crazy when it comes to animals.

I am addicted to Green Mountain Coffee's Island Coconut pods for my Keurig. I did not start drinking coffee until I was 34. I am 35. Weird?

I am currently reading Dean Koontz' latest, 77 Shadow Street and The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin.

I am a country girl at heart, but the city always calls to me. When I was younger, I considered living in NYC for 3 months just to get it out of my system. When I am there, I am invigorated beyond comprehension... But I adore my hermit country life and I know home is here.

I am an old-soul and proud of it. I love Billie Holiday, Sinatra, Ella - the fashions and hairstyles of the 40's - the cordiality of the 50's. I believe in integrity and hard work, the sweetness of anticipation, the pride in earning what you get. The simplicity of the less is more philosophy, with little waste. And the all for all mindset, no one is greater or more important than the other. We are all brothers in this life together.

I could never ever ever ever leave my family, and that is why we still live in dreary Buffalo, NY. Gloomy and cold most of the year, I still love how nice and considerate most people are to each other here. Oh, and there's the food.

Terrified of insects. Bees mostly, but anything insectile inspires fear in me. I've often thought that moving to a new, warmer climate would be nice, but the larger and ever-present bugs there always deter me from being happy about it - I think that could be considered a genuine fear. :) C'mon, I've seen those sci-fi movies! I know how big they can get down in the southern swamps - big enough to swallow a man whole! lol

I love movie soundtracks. Not the ones with song compilations, the ones with the gorgeous string scores. How to Train Your Dragon and Avatar rank at the top of my list right now.

I played the saxophone in my middle and high school band. The alto and the baritone. Hated it. I always wanted to play the violin, but it was a small school. I still may try someday... hmm.

Top Movies: This could get long.... 
Sweet ones: How To Train Your Dragon, Lion King 
Action: (the new) Star Trek, Iron Man (any comic book ones are great and fun!), James Bond
Drama: Braveheart, Narnia, LOTR
Chick Flicks: You've Got Mail, 50 First Dates, French Kiss
Comedy: Super Troopers, Spaceballs, Goonies

I know how to solder at a military-grade level. It was my job at a defense company for almost 10 yrs.

I love to flower garden, a passion inherited from my mother. She has a neon green thumb, mine is more brownish green. I love the design of it more than anything, but it's so nice to have a place to go and putter and let your mind unravel for a bit.

In the summer, I love sunny and super hot days. In the winter, I prefer cozy cloudy days and snow on the ground. Seasons as they should be!

Being a mom has been the ultimate make-someone-happy gig, and I revel in seeing my kids giggle, smile or just shake their heads in amusement. I just love to see them happy. Teaching them is hard, but rewarding and satisfying beyond belief. I've got some pretty amazing memories of my childhood and it's a motivator to give them the same.

I strive to give more every day. I would love to spur a Pay-It-Forward movement someday, perhaps on Facebook, when things settle a bit. Most people want to give, they just need the motivation, incentive (sharing it with one another!) and opportunity. We are all inherently good, I believe it!

Things that make me feel alive: hiking, jogging, swimming in an Adirondack lake, wrestling with my kids.

I am a texture/sensory addict. Real or virtual. I can't walk through a store without touching things that look awesome - fur, silk, velour, prickly... all texture calls out to me. I think that's one of the reasons I like gardening so much, digging in the dirt with no gloves is intoxicating to me! And obviously, I like to use textures in my photos.

I like to create mosaic things. I'll cover anything with broken shards of glass, pottery, tiles - and grout them down to stay forever. It's a kind of Zen activity for me.

I don't watch sports of any kind or the News. We don't get even get a newspaper.

I can make a pretty darn good dutch apple pie. :)

My son has Cerebral Palsy. It's considered mild, but it's a central issue in our household. Lots of therapies, doctor appointments, stretching... and at times, worries for the future! Yet he is so resilient, stubborn and determined, so worries are probably irrelevant and just garden-variety Mom worries. :)

I have an obsession with dinosaurs, sharks, owls, waterfalls, mercury glass, pretty wrapping paper, asian decor, Anthropologie, Pinterest and looking at design blogs. (Young House Love, anybody?) Seriously, all you need to do is look at my Pinterest pages to see what makes me tick. Heck, I didn't need to write out this list!

Christmas goes on in our house until the tree dies. However long that may be. Anywhere from January 31st to April 10th (our record). Our mottos: why throw out a perfectly good tree? And... why not give yourselves more of the comfort, magic, coziness and nostalgia of Christmas to get you through the bleak, long Buffalo winters?

I'm highly emotional, philosophical and very sentimental - an explosive combination. I apologize to my husband daily. :)

Smells: Lavender, Rosemary, Basil
Food: Anything Italian, a good steak, grilled veggies
Sweets: Brownies. Always and Forever. Any kind, any time.
Biggest fear: Losing my family or Leaving too early
Places I'd love to go: Italy, Greece, New Zealand, Fiji, Ireland, Alaska, Maine, Washington (Olympic Nat'l Park) Anywhere naturally breathtaking, architecturally interesting, or where they have mesmerizingly blue water.
Ultimate place: Bora Bora

And last but not least... I love to talk. Huh. Shocker!

Phew! Now that I think you know everything there is about me, I think that's enough for one day. :)

Image? Yes, please! What makes my heart tick the fastest.

What makes your heart tick its fastest? What's your biggest fear?

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