Saturday, January 28, 2012

Christmas is Still Here!

Today is a Saturday, so I just know I will have a hard time posting today! It's usually our day to go to a family obligation or to tackle some huge project at our house, but in either situation, I leave very little time for myself to write a post. :)

If you've been reading my past posts, you know that Christmas stays a long time in our house. We like to savor the nostalgia, the magic and the ambiance of lights stuffed in every nook and cranny of our old house. It just keeps us warmer and fuzzier through the worst of the cold and long and dreary winter! As we near the end of January, we start to feel like we are an anomaly and start being embarrassed of it by the end of the month. So.. we finally turn off our outside lights and just enjoy our inside lights until the tree dies.

That's really our moment - what we wait for... the tree kicking the bucket. And we have had some hardy trees in the past! Our record is April 13 - back in 2007... 1 week before the triplets were born, we finally said goodbye to Christmas and welcomed in the rest of the year, which was eat, breathe and sleep triplet. :)

This year, we got a smaller than normal tree for a few reasons, and it's so small we almost forget it is there. It's tucked in the corner of our living room, twinkling merrily... and sprouting new growth. Umm... yeah. We've had a few trees that have done this, and the first year it happened, it blew. our. minds. How the heck can a "dead" tree do this? It must really like it here! So, this year marks the 3rd time we have had this happen, and it makes me happy. It snowed this morning, so pretty outside, a full and fluffy snow that we longed for at Christmastime. This kids were coloring around the table, and I realized that they were all humming Christmas songs... we're still grazing from our hung stockings... and I might just persuade the mister to finally have a fire in the fireplace tonight!

Christmas is still here... and we're loving it. :)

They almost look like they are running for cover from the aliens swooping overhead... :) lol 

Grandma Jane's... I adore this deer. 

the new stuff, bustin' out... 

My Granny's ornament, another adore. :) 

all of the bright green you see is new growth! We should name him... 

this snow would have been nice a month ago, right? 


MJ said...

Love this!!!! Makes me so happy!!! Thank you for warming my heart today!! xoxo

Laura said...

When I saw the title I was like o barf, but after reading it I love this post. And the pictures are beautiful! P.s. I have the same ceremic christmas tree, love it !

Aunt Roey said...

Your pix are outstanding!!!! They convey warm, fuzzy, & happy feelings!! You really captured the mood!!!

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