Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mima

I thought I would devote the post today to the woman who gave birth to me... but who also made me late today, lol. :) Just kidding, Mima.

10 reasons I love my mom. 

10. She loves unconditionally - no matter what you do, or how bad you screw up, or how much you lean on her, you can always count on her love.

9. She loves animals too. Her outdoor cat population rivals mine! And she's always worried about them... like tonight, when it's freezing (almost 0F) again, she worries... and makes my Dad do something.  :)

8. Her funky curtains. I grew up with her always experimenting with them - she'd bring them home from garage sales all the time, and mix and match them in ways I never thought possible. When you think they're ugly, she pairs them and somehow makes them pretty.

7. She acts likes a kid with the kids. She's one of those grandmas that the kids remember what they do with her, look forward to it and love being with their Mima.

6. She's proud of her family. She can always be heard singing the praises of someone she loves.

5. She supports everyone around her. Not just the people she loves... everyone! She goes out of her way to make sure people know they are doing a great job, she actively shows them the impact they are having.

4. She gardens like nobody's business. :) Everywhere she goes, gardens follow her. My parents moved a few years ago and took clippings of their old, amazing garden... and now it is there at their new house, with more to complement. Whatever she touches, flourishes. I think she may know Mother Nature personally or something.

3. She's a garage sale nut. And I mean a nut in the good way. I used to have the most fun going out with her every Saturday morning before I had the kids - she may have an inner GPS that has the coordinates plotted for all the garage sales in town, because she just always knows where they are.

2. She breathes in life. No matter how hard she works, she knows how to stop and enjoy herself. Especially at The River, our summer vacation spot.

1. She gives. And gives and gives and gives. She's a bottomless pit! No matter what - her time, her energy, her possessions sometimes (here, take this!), her money, her love, guidance, patience... the woman is always giving of herself. She is so good to us all, and is a constant reminder to me to give myself more to those around me.

This was taken at my very first "shoot". Thanks for being my first subject, Mom. :)

I love you, Mima! And I hope you know how much you are an inspiration to us all. 

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Laura said...

Aww, I love this. What a great description of her ! Now I wanna go garage saleing though lol.

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