Friday, January 13, 2012

Little Miss Avery

A while back, my cousins Eric and Christine came to me, asking for help with a very special gift for a very special person. Eric's Mom, my Aunt Roey (officially my husband's aunt, but one of my very favorite people in this world, so I can claim her as mine!) became a first-time ecstatic grandmother this year to their gorgeous little Avery.  ♥  Unfortunately, due to Uncle Chuck's job, they are in Florida, and her granddaughter is here! Eric and Christine wanted to get some good pictures for her, knowing she would absolutely love them and hoped it helped a little with the distance. I was pretty psyched because I love chances to make her feel happy and loved and this had the potential to do just that. :)

It was a cold day, but we tried to get a few outside and then came in to snap a few more. I think the cold and the wind was just too much for her little cheeks, and she wanted so badly to be done! I am finding that (and not just with babies!), sometimes you can be rewarded with patience and if you just give them a little time, wait them out, let them settle a bit, you might capture a few more that just may end up being your favorites in the end. And that's what happened here... she was such a trooper! I have many more to edit from this session, but here are the few I did get done before Christmas (with one added bonus I did this morning!) that they printed and framed, sending them down to Aunt Roey... and I am happy to report that she loves them all. :) Mission Accomplished, and thank you to Eric and Christine for the idea and chance to help make your Mom so happy.  ♥  Little Avery is so beautiful, her eyes especially gorgeous. I love her healthy, chubby cheeks, her perfect lips and her sweet little happy smiles. Congratulations again, you guys - you certainly make beautiful babies, and you can tell how much you love her.

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Aunt Roey said...

You're absolutely right in describing how I feel about these photos---I have them on my wall, my refrigerator,my coffee table etc. And they make my heart smile each time I look at them--Thank you, Cheryle , for helping this happen. Luv, Aunt Roey

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