Friday, January 6, 2012

The Roycroft Family

There are people that come into your life that sometimes, just by looking at them, you know they are meant to stay there. I'm not sure what it is that speaks to us - but I know that God and the Universe try to send us messages about people, and hey, sometimes it's not so subtle - like they are trying to say, "Look, you guys just need to be friends, 'nuff said."

Enter the ultra-cute Roycroft Family. I remember meeting them a few years back when on a day trip out to the Maple Festival in the spring, and it was just for a moment. But in that moment, I knew that we were kindred souls, future friends or not. Never-mind the obvious that we have similar young families, it was more like I knew that us adults would just really get along. I attribute it to us being old-souls, but I think when we find other old souls, something just immediately clicks.

Then I get a chance to spend some time with them to take some family portraits - they were up for anything! And it was then that I knew the full extent of how awesome they really are - so real and warm and honest and fun! I had such a good time with them, following them around the yard trying to capture them being them - which was not hard, btw - no faking it here! The whole time was just a glorious swing of my camera from cuteness to loving to joyful to sweetness, all in some amazing light... although they probably felt that they were hard to photograph, and that is just what I love about them. They have no idea how uplifting it is to be around them! They have some pretty intense bonds and I thoroughly enjoyed trying to capture them.

They have been through so much in the last year - enough to break most families, but they have weathered it so gracefully and humbly and positively that it can only be a testament to their faith and their love for one another. I am constantly awed by their ability to take things in stride, to come out on the other end with their sense of humor intact and fully ready to take on another day, whatever comes. You guys are an inspiration to me - to take on whatever life throws at us with a smile and to keep on enjoying each other, no matter what. And I am looking forward to seeing what the Universe has in store for us. If I barely know you guys and I already adore you all, how great of a base is that? :) Looking forward to Round 2 this summer - oh, it will happen!

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mima said...

what beautiful pictures- you are absolutely right- every picture captures the bond they have for each other- even though that was abundant thru the shoot, the pics are amazing and a tribute to you for capturing the family so genuine-

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