Thursday, January 5, 2012

Challenge of Balance

Life is all about balance, isn't it? As humans of this new technological age, I think the more time we save because of it, the more we look to fill it in.... and always end up doing more and more and more than we ever have - it never feels like we have enough time to just sit and relax, read a good book or spend time with the kids without that guilty pull in the back our our heads that says we need to be doing something else - laundry, dishes, phone calls, emails... etc - feel free to fill in your list here. ;) Point is, I am having a hard time with balance most days, not really doing the stuff I need to do, or more importantly - the important stuff, like just spending most of this fleeting few years with my impressionable and exquisitely squishy kids. And also my husband, who would probably not like it if I said he was squishy. :)

In a day, there are things that may be things we really could be doing less of that we don't really think of until we examine our day. The Internet is called the Great Time Sucker for good reason! Because I spend a lot of my time editing, I am at the computer most of the day, and between Facebook - where harmlessly checking in on a few people's day, or Pinterest, pinning a few visual lovelies here and there - or researching something new I've been meaning to get more into - all awesome things, but put together and you've lost a few hours, my friend. So guilty of this, almost every day!

I like to re-prioritize a few things in the shift of focus the new year brings, and Facebook and Pinterest are at the top of my current list of need to re-size addictions. :) And here I go trading things again, but I would like to get back to blogging again - mostly for my mother-in-law - lol - who doesn't have Facebook and never gets to see my new work, since only posting it there. But she does have a great point, in that there are many people out there that may only see me here - and I can be plenty more verbose in this arena than on FB, let me tell you.

And that may or may not be a good thing - the jury's still out.

So, inspired by one of my favorite photographers, Erin Oveis Brant, who has just recently completed a December 30-day blogging challenge (seriously, sister - December? You are one brave girl - and you did Awesome, btw.), I am going to try my own here. Maybe only my Mother-in-Law (I love you!) will read the posts that come out in the challenge, but hey - at least I will have stopped the seemingly harmless eternal wandering in the Great Time Sucker and actually do something that's on my list for a change. :) And maybe it will actually become a habit... a good one this time.

Thanks to my 4 year old, Braden, for this pic - I let them each have a chance to take a picture of Mommy... I love that it's his take, and it's his first picture with my camera - and I'll take it. :) My one resolution: To not be here in this spot as much this year, yet get further in this photography endeavor. Hmm. Another challenge!


Erin Oveis Brant said...

First of all, I'm so humbled to be called out in your post...thank you!! I'm so excited you've decided to take on this challenge. It is going to be rough, but you will be better for it at the end :) Best of luck, let me know if I can help!!

Laura said...

im inspired, and bradens pic of you is actually very cool and artsy. good job lil stinker, I think you should post the other kids pics they took too, even if their blurry or off center, kids are cute :) ill be reading..... <3 good luck!

MJ said...

Love it, Sis! Keep it up :) Miss you!

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