Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fun With Picasa

I had a few pictures I had taken with my "old" point and shoot a few weeks ago that I wanted to play with... Picasa is nice for the beginner looking to simply enhance their photos and play with contrast, saturation, shadows and the like.

Fun. I like the different feel of each photo with the enhancements and had a nice time learning that lesson. Take a look for yourself...Cody is serving as the sleeping model - nice job, sweetie!

I'm also playing with watermarks...I'd like to come up with a really nice logo, but I am struggling to figure out which program would work best to do that. This one was just a quickie on my image resizer program, obviously hard to see. I welcome your suggestions!

1 comment:

Christine said...

Hi Cheryl,
I sent you an email at your yahoo accout with a logo idea!

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