Monday, May 18, 2009

"3 Dog Day" Teaser

Get it? A play off of 3 Dog Night?  Anyone???  Oh, whatever.  ;)

Yep, I had the pleasure of practicing a 3-dog photo shoot this weekend with our amazing friend Sara and her beautiful family of dogs - Riley, Simon and Sadie. Here's a sample of the shots we got, even though it poured buckets that day and I still have yet to master the flash. Boo! Low light + 3 moving dogs = very difficult day! It was a blast, and I hope to come away with a few shots for these guys, standing out in the drizzle for little old me. ;) Thanks, guys!

Two quick ones and the rest will be up soon - I promise!

Red Door Awesomeness (I love red doors!!!!)

Blooming Beauties (Making me a crazy girl, oohing and ahhhing over this tree! I am insane!)

More up soon!

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