Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Miss Riley

Ok, so I lied. I only have three today - I guess I counted wrong! :(  But, don't be sad! I will make up for it by sharing two regular pictures as well. 

Here are the two storyboards and a collage:
Her emotions really are in her ears - they are huge, expressive and fast! I loved watching them change every few seconds, it was like getting an easy glimpse into the world of dog body language and communication.

A few put together of her many sides!

And my favorite storyboard...

Here are two of my favorite snaps from the shoot! She was so full of energy, it was hard to keep up with her - especially in low light conditions, it was hard to get a clear, un-blurred shot of her - she is so fast! So, I resorted to sneaky techniques.

I got on the floor across the room (supermegazoomlens came in handy here!), so she wouldn't notice me - literally layed on the floor on my tummy behind the table and stayed vewwwwy quiet and still (Fudd reference, anyone?)...and let her stop on the hardwood floor, momentarily looking for me and my "funny toy" I was clicking for her all day. Her head was moving wildly, looking, looking, looking...but her bottom half was very still! Once she stopped, I clicked away at her feet reflecting off the floor. Success! Is this wildlife photography, or what?!


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