Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Learning and Progress

I am constantly trying to learn and push myself in photoshop, so here I am with two more collages - one of Paige's wedding and another one of my outing with Cody a few weeks ago. I am still working on the Three Dog Shoot and STILL trying to finish up Paige's photos (I am almost done, Paige -I promise!). I have an engagement shoot coming up soon with Erin and Jimmy (whether Jimmy likes it or not! lol) and some horses to get to as well!  It should be a busy month and I am so excited for it all to get underway. I am trying to get my sister and her family for a shoot, but schedules are just not meshing... ;) Hopefully, that will be able to happen soon - they are a beautiful and loving and stylish family that I am just dying to photograph!

Here are the collages - and the "three dog" should be up this week!



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