Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Nature Cody" Collage

I've had so much fun learning even more photoshop techniques while making the collages for Paige's wedding that I decided to make one for the outing Cody and I had the other day in the yard. 

THIS is why I cannot sleep at night, guys! I just love taking these images...but then I love putting them together for even more visual impact, just like this one. I am looking forward to doing this for other people! And that is how I know that I have found my place in life - my professional place, that is. Wife and Mom first and foremost, but now I can fill in that third blank. Photographer. I love that my life has taken me in this direction and that God has so chosen to finally reveal this path for me after so much searching. He knew when I'd be ready. Now, it is a sigh of relief, a blessing, a state of calm that has settled over me, and it feels... great... and right.

It's funny that it was this simple collage that really cemented that "feeling that I am ready" for me. I'm guessing it's because this was the first time I made a collage of just my own pictures...and it feels good to make something that is totally, completely my own work. Hope you like it as much as it hit me in the head!


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