Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Few New Things

Well, if you haven't noticed the new blog header, I have been playing around with a few needed upgrades around here! I guess upgrades, in my opinion, means "prettier"... ;)

Though, I have been wanting to create a logo for the business, so this was my first attempt - yet another way to play around in photoshop! I do like this one and am thinking of keeping it - let me know if you like it! It's a logo for printing onto all of my paperwork, cards, business paraphernalia, etc...but it's also a way to watermark my web/blog/portfolio pictures. So, it should make a statement! Here's a little put-together of Riley and that red door again, one in color and one in black and white, both with the new logo.  I thought I'd showcase both because they are so different, and they also display the logo a bit differently as well. What do you think?!



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