Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Upcoming Stuff

I had my very first maternity shoot yesterday with the amazing and talented and beautifully pregnant Stephanie, who brought me wine - awesome. Riesling! German Riesling! Awesome. Thank you, thank you. :)

She was a vision in flowing black and then purple stretched tight over her awesome belly. I only wished I looked this good when I was preggo! It was a great session and I'm looking forward to post processing I have to hope my husband has some magic up his sleeve since my computer is currently in a non-working that means no Photoshop for me until then... Boo. Vacation photos are in limbo as well until this happens. Double Boo.

But on a good note - I will be doing some of my beautiful niece Jordan's senior portraits here in the garden next week - looking forward to seeing what we come up with! She's super sweet, adventurous and honestly beautiful, so it should be easy goings and fun for us both. :)

The fall is coming, and there are a few shoots I am really starting to get excited about - a few families, including my lovely sister's...imagine an orchard in the fall, with kids and parents dressed to the nines, running around and being captured by little old me in the golden, setting sun...sounds like a beautiful movie! I am so lucky...really. :)

Speaking of beautiful movies...or books turned into movies - if you haven't read The Time Travelers it. Beautiful, tragic, creates gorgeous scenery in your head, an eternal love story. Ahh... It takes a lot of emotional wringing to get through it, but trust me, you come out appreciating the life you live, the good AND the bad, but mostly the fact that you get to live it, however short and fleeting, to make it the best ever. Loved it. :) Looking forward to seeing the movie now!

So, now - I leave you with no pictures and a plea to pray for Mike's skills and the fate of my computer.... :) This is just downright killing me - knowing there are all these pictures just waiting to be played with - like shelves full of unopened toys splayed out in front of a child with a sign that says "Do Not Touch."

Ugh. Torture.

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