Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Casey Sneak Peek and Some Tired Ramblings

Well, I have been in the middle of posting something for about.... 2 weeks now. :) The blog post is open, and halfway done, but not yet - my ever so patient readers! I do apologize, but this is teaching me something about myself here and my new path. Something that this perfectionist is having a hard time absorbing!

I have been busy being "the preschool teacher" lately (which I love), so I am playing and teaching and setting up organized projects and learning opportunities...but that means my chores go completely undone until naptime...and bedtime. :( I have been cleaning and laundering and scrubbing and stacking firewood and scraping playdoh out of the carpet and cleaning up cat puke (yes, I said it), cutting up bits and pieces of food, optimizing the house for learning and sanity saving (mine) and cooking dinner and breaking up fights and giving time outs and stopping what I am doing to explain consequences of actions...all of which makes everything take so.darn.long.(er). Anyway, I'm not trying to whine or complain...just simply explain where I am all day, and why I haven't returned an email or phone call or posted a new post. :(

This is what I meant about learning my new path...some things, I just have to be ok with letting go of. And that's really hard for me. Like letting the laundry sit for another day or not taking a shower (for a few days...shhh!), but also not trying to squeeze in a post before bed...but when I do have the time, I can. I have to be ok with that time in between posts and just move on like it never happened! And being ok with it means not getting stressed that it's not "getting done". Just do it when I get to do it and love every minute of my "relaxing hobby". If posting is on my to-do-list, I will never, ever be able to relax and enjoy it - and that means I might have to stop altogether! And that thought makes me sad (though I could never do that - it is part of me now, and I need me to stay, even if it's a minuscule part right now)....so this is a much more amicable path for me at the moment!! lol

Unfortunately, that stinks for the readers I may have left (hi, Mom!), but, alas is the sporadic nature of motherhood. ;) So, I decided today to tease more often - to fill in and give you guys something to look at in the in-betweens and give me some padding time to finish the rest. They are all edited by this point, but I have to resize and add the logo, since there are crazy photo stealers out there that apparently do some pretty weird and disturbing things with others' photos. Don't ask.... I didn't. :)

Anyway, I hope this post made sense...(yet another reason I don't like to type when I am tired, haha! It comes out all drama-filled and crazy-woman-esque!)

Enjoy Mr. Casey! His shoot will be up the moment it is finished...cross my heart. :) (have you seen the movie "Up"? So, so cute)


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