Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stephanie and Chad - Engaged Session Teaser ]

What can I say? This is why I want to be in this business. To see friendships like Steph and Chad's and to be able to capture images like these with them. To be around people that are just, well, real and down-to-earth! Corny? Well, this couple is just.... flippin'. cute! I loved watching them be themselves, be comfortable with each other, but still be so excited to be together, like two past lives that keep meeting over and over, but now have the added benefit of experiencing those new relationship butterflies at the same time. The comfort AND the excitement. That was the paradox I witnessed the two days I got to hang out with these guys. They were so sweet and up for anything - which is honestly my favorite combination in people. :) I knew they loved lens flare... how awesome is that? I knew they loved nature and loved their little jack russel, Diesel. So, to put all that together - it was a dream shoot for me. Yep! Here's a little preview of the sweetness and the light and the love I got to be around this past weekend. I know you're jealous! :) Thanks again, guys - I can't wait to go through the rest!

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