Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stephanie - Beautiful Baby Belly

Maternity just sounds so... clinical to me this morning. So, I will go with the awesome alliteration in this title instead for today. Ah, fun grammar makes me dorkily happy. :) Here are a few more of the session with Stephanie a year or so ago. Sorry these took me so long to put up! I do all my editing on a parked laptop that my great husband bought for me a few birthdays ago (not knowing I'd be using it for this endeavor!) and space is at a premium after loading up a few tens of mega-sessions. So, I need to constantly move off the old to make space for the new - and I put them on a backup hard-drive. This session has been living there for the last 8 months or so, and getting to them proved to be an adventure. But, here they are now, most of my favorites. How about you? Have you got any after seeing some of them? Please leave me a comment with it and why, if you know! It helps me to know what kinds of angles and light and finishes people are liking these days. :) Thanks in advance!

One more post for Stephanie after this one, and then lots of new material to share! I have been a busy girl this fall - and will get even busier in the next few weeks - a new head shot opportunity, a senior session, family shoot, a "friends and family" shoot, which will hopefully include some toddler shots and a 9 month old to capture separately... whoa. I may need to get a more comfortable chair... :)

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my stay-at-home-momma drama said...

I love the shots against the barn - great texture. I also am in love with the colors in the shot of just her belly with the flower. You are getting pretty good at this Cheryle.

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