Saturday, November 13, 2010

Last of the Stephanie

Well, I have to say that this blogging thing is hard. Like, hard. :) I am having such a difficult time keeping it updated with all the new work I am doing because, well - I am doing all that new work! I have no idea how this gets done in the real world - maybe I'll hire an assistant! Yeah, that's it! They can post all my new work as I send it through - great idea! Now, to find one that will work for leftover Halloween candy, an occasional cup of coffee, the music of my screaming kids and the bonus of my company... Any takers? No? :)

Well, pushing onward - here's the round-out of Stephanie's maternity session. And after this, we move on to more of Mary Jane's head shots - a sampling of my favorites! After that, more of Stephanie and Chad's engagement session (who, btw, are GETTING MARRIED today!!! Congrats you guys!), then one of my favorite families - the G Fam, my cousin Tony's (sounds so MOB doesn't it?) Senior pics and then the reveal of more of Little M and the Buck Fam. So much to process, so much to put up!! Seriously, any takers yet?

I also have news about some unique Christmas gifts coming soon - I have decided to create a line of Fine Art prints from my photos to offer on my very own Etsy page - woohoo, exciting! - and they will be up very soon. Many vintage, rustic, natural and ethereal prints - if you are a texture-nature-rustic-beautiful light lover, you may just want to pick up a few for gifts or for yourself! I will post more on that soon - gotta finish them first! :)

Enjoy the last of Sweet Stephanie in all her loveliness! And if you are in the WNY area, enjoy this awesome weather. :)


Hot Mama


Sweet Thoughts    

Hearts and Pearls

Daisy Strip

Sexy Rustic

Smirking Daisy

Gatsby, anyone?    Daisy Barn

Glowing Breeze    Sun and the Barn

Gold Green    Baby Bump Look

Baby Thoughts    Emotion and the Barn

Warm Daisy

Landscape Baby

Daisy's Shadow

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