Monday, May 4, 2009

Storyboard - The Ring Shot

Disclaimer:  I did not take these pictures!  They are here for a "makeover". Go here to find out the whole story.

I'm not sure if you can consider this a storyboard if I didn't place it on a background, but the work that goes into these is just the I am making the Executive Decision here.  Yes, they are.  ;)

Anyway, this was one of those super disappointing pics in my opinion, and I wanted to give them better!  Too much clutter and a harsh exposure make for a difficult-to-like picture. So, I chose to chop out as much extra as I could and soften the picture with a sepia or a black and white tone, since the color was just way too harsh.  I can't decide which of the final two I like better - vote now! :)

This was really great practice at using the clone stamp tool, so it was a worthy subject to set my sights on. I am happy to have learned the skill! Hopefully, Paige - you are happier with the end result.  :)

Original picture.  Fluorescent light is a photographer's worst enemy.

I cloned out Casey's other arm and fingers (that were trying to hide underneath!) and added a few more flowers to blend.  Then, I added some texture to soften the background.

Then, I added one word; short and sweet!  Next, I converted to sepia, and also to black and white. I really liked this end result! But I still can't choose which one I like better...

My favorite part about both of these is how it makes their rings just pop! Final results: 

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